Saturday 25 June 2011

Thimble's List

I think when you are CEO of the house, the to-do-list is endless. I could tick and tick and tick and still the next day there would be a pile of things to do. Some, exactly the same as the ones done yesterday. And it makes me feel as if I am getting nowhere. Today my list is as follows:

Walk in the sunshine.
Look up and see how windy day can blow clouds all over the sky.
Stand by the plum tree and wait for one to fall out, hopefully straight into the mouth.
Drink some water from tap because summer days make one more thirsty.
Put my feet up and just stare at the garden weeds calling my name.
Iron some clothes to wear to church tomorrow...Oh...Don't be silly...I've got all these list to do.

Do you make to-do-list everyday? Well, it helps sometimes!

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