Saturday 21 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

 Happy Chinese New Year 2012! It's a good time to restart blogging again to record down things I've learned in life, things I hope to do and achieve. For now, here's some good starting thoughts and greetings!

恭喜发财 Gong Xi Fa Cai meaning “Congratulations for your wealth”

万事如意 Wan Shi Ru Yi meaning “May all your wishes be fulfilled”

年年有余 Nian Nian You Yu meaning “Abundance through the year”

大吉大利 Da Ji Da Li meaning “Good luck and smooth sailing”

招财进宝 Zhao Cai Jin Bao meaning “Attract wealth and treasures”

一本万利 Yi Ben Wan Li meaning “Make 10,000 times of profit with your capital”

财源广进 Cai Yuan Guang Jin meaning “Numerous sources of wealth”

鸿运当头 Hong Yun Dang Tou meaning “Good luck is approaching”

青春常驻 Qing Chun Chang Zhu meaning “Forever young”

风生水起 Feng Sheng Shui Qi meaning “Progress at a fast pace”

步步高升 Bu Bu Gao Sheng meaning “Reaching higher level with each step”

金银满屋 Jin Yin Man Wu meaning “Household filled with gold and silver”

生意兴隆 Sheng Yi Xing Long meaning “Prosperity for the business”

满地黄金 Man Di Huang Jin meaning “Floor full of gold”

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