Monday 9 July 2012

An unusual gift...

Have you had an unusual gift before?

It's not my birthday, nor R's, nor the girls...but we just received some gifts! 'The harvest' of 4 rows of about 15 feet long of planted potatoes from our neighbours garden.

Our whole family went over to pick up buckets and buckets of potatoes that was dugged up by a donkey. We needed two trips of wheelborrow, to transport 3 1/2 big sacks of potatoes back to our house. This is equivalent to a year's supply of potato for a family, whose main staple is of course - potato!. Now you can just imagine how much potatoes we are to eat soon. These potatoes are now stored in our barn and will keep all throughout autumn and winter season. I don't think we eat these much potatoes in a year because we also love rice and pasta as welll....!  

 The people in our village love to give us their produce. I think it is because we are the only foreigners living in this village. We get gifts now and again...scary isn't it!! I do get scared sometimes! Perhaps I'm just being people in villages think very different from people living in cities.... It is difficult to turn down offers... people feel that you reject them if you reject their gifts. 

 We found a huge pumpkin..we placed R's cap on it to show you how big it is...and it is still growing for another 3 months more!! 

The man in beige cap and the lady in red cap planted all the potatoes in their garden for us as a gift. We don't really deserve their kindness but they are so generous with their produce!

And...there's the reliable donkey who dug up all the potatoes for us...and can you see a watermelon growing on the ground too?

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