Monday 3 September 2012

The mystery of the missing eggs

They used to own the whole garden...before we set them their boundary.

They were very entertaining as they also like going near the house to look at the people residing inside.

All day long, they spend their time in the garden. When it gets too hot, they go inside the barn under the shade. (yes, they are clever lot!) Sometime in the day, when they get the uge to lay their eggs, they simply go back to their hen house and come back to the garden when finished.

But one day and for many a days to come, my little girl, who is our egg collector, concluded that the hens just got tired giving us their eggs...but I told her it's impossible as they just started!

For a few days, we patiently fasted from our usual egg meals that we love! Till one day, our pet rabbit led my little girl into this bush! 

Voila! The mystery of the missing eggs was solved!

So, we went back to feasting on eggs once again.

Since then, we cleared up the bush of tall weeds! New and bigger henhouse was built for them and boundary was set. Egg hunting game has become easier to play too! 


  1. many! Fresh organic eggs! The best kind...

  2. hahaha certainly have fun hunting for eggs.

    Clever of those hens to hide then eggs there. At first, i thought the eggs were taken by snakes

    1. snakes here coz our neighbour's cat eats them!! More worried about the hens eating their eggs.

  3. Cute post, love how your hunting the eggs, hehehe ..Envy you can eat organic eggs..

    1. Sonia, Having chicken for eggs is more fun for the children but involves work from the parents..hopefully the fresh eggs will instantly supply fresh energy:)


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