Wednesday 26 September 2012

Welcome...Let's visit A Garden

Let's visit a garden. I wish it's mine...but it's just my dream garden. 

Welcome and enter the garden gate at your own pleasure...

From outside, you peeped, and saw this...but really there's more to it!

This cute little gate will lead you to a sitting area...

On a hot sunny day, you can enjoy sitting under the umbrella instead...

Gardens don't need to be super's normal for leaves to start falling at this time of the year... because today we just had the first autumn chill...

But some trees just need to shed its leaves to prepare for winter hibernation. I'm not a great fan of 'winter season' but we still have a good three months of autumn to enjoy.

So for now...imagine yourself in this garden...all quiet and still...just perfect with a little bit of sunshine on a nice cool day:) 

Hope you enjoyed the garden with me. Stay tune... for I will take you to the dining area be continued...


  1. Nice!!! What a lovely place! Really love the arches!!! Very well done. I love quiet places like this to idle around enjoying the peace and tranquility...

    1. Love the stone arches and the gate so much so I tried to convince my husband to make one for me..yeah he said...but whether it's going to happen or not, that's another story!

  2. Beautiful and so tranquil ! A picnic sounds good in that garden :D

    1. Let's have a picnic together Anne! I'll prepare the tea and sandwiches...and you can bring some of your most coveted banana butterscotch chips muffin:)


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