Monday 29 October 2012

Let's go to LONDON

 We're joining English Language Study Tour with the company of  Let's Speak English and English to Go.

So, Let's go to LONDON 

There's opportunities to meet old and new friends from various countries... 

Talking in English (of course) over meal time and socializing hours specially with good company of people is great!.

Who could resist roaming around London?... there's so much to see, so much to do and London just hold great fascination with all the history and character it managed to preserve all through the years.

There's a few Study Tours coming up in London if you want to join us next time. Along with other study tours lined in France, New York City, Ireland for 2013. Would love to meet some of you :)

For now, Let's go to LONDON...

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  1. Hi Annie, swing by to say are you today?

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful London pictures.
    Very well taken. :)

    Have a nice week ahead, regards.


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