Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Let's see Plovdiv Old Town Architecture

Hello There! Smart looking Mr & Mrs Ancient are both geared up to take you for a short tour of Plovdiv Old Town. Plovdiv is a city in Bulgaria and is one of the oldest centers of European civilization - older than Rome and Athens and a contemporary of Troy and Mycenae. It emerged as a real town in the 12th c. BC. 

Let's see some of the old architectural houses.

This one used to be a residence but is now an ethnographic museum. Pardon the porta-loo on the left...they were doing a bit of rennovation to their wash room on that corner of the garden when we visited the place.

The building is ornate with hand painted decor...just imagine those wooden post holding the building since 1817! Does that impress you? It's ancient right?

Next to the ancient 12 century bc Roman amphitheather is this house...

This house is right on top of the edge of a hill. Notice the big boulder hanging?? These big stones are just held back by some metal railing...

I find this intriguing because if the boulders roll off... it will fall right underneath which is a busy main road!!

 Another old residential home. See the facade around it's windows...  

They are just hand painted on. A cheap and effective way of decorating... but attractive :)

It's so easy to fall in love with old houses...there's some character to it and I think they were built stronger to last...and the story behind each one brings great fascination to one's imagination.

Well it's time for Mr. & Mrs. Ancient to get back to their real 2012 work clothes...  Off we go back thru this cobbled path to modern civilization.... Remember, no stilletto heels when visiting Old Town ;-)  Hope you enjoyed the short glimpse of the 1800's.   


  1. Hi Annie, thank you for the tour. I enjoyed it very much, love all your excellent pictures.
    Those architectural house are so beautiful. Excellent place to visit.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  2. Annie , thanks for this free tour ! :D It's really nice that most old buildings are so well preserved !


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