Sunday 6 January 2013

Amusement Thru Window Shopping

Dear Shopping Mall Directors and Shareholders,

Thank you for keeping your malls warm and attractive. I hope that business will be good to you in return.

You see, when it is cold and miserable outside, window shopping can be a fun activity. We benefit the comfort of a heated shopping mall! What's more, there are colours to see!

It's just not possible to have plants and flowers to be admired from our own garden...not in the winter season! So I love watching all the beautiful potted flowers displayed for sale in your shops instead!

Most of the plants are of course sold for indoor use. I'm not sure about this giant cactus you have...perhaps some cactus variety would survive the cold outside?? I would definitely not risk leaving this one out's not cheap for experimental purpose.

OK! It's one thing bringing outdoor plants to overwinter inside the house....but if you want the reverse side of about bringing cold snowy bears and birds and blocks of ice that doesn't melt indoor? 

Man's creativity sometimes confuses me... Shall I have a flower lit tree inside the house too??....Hmmm...on second thoughts.... I don't think any tree would fit into our tiny cottage.... so that has decided for itself... WHEW!!

It's always nice to find something to amuse oneself.... I did had a fun day window shopping:) Thank you for not minding me walking around and around, looking and admiring at what you've got out there. Blame it on human nature's curiousity. It was hard to practice self control during my visit but I overcame!

Perhaps, oneday, should I really need some of the things you offer, I'll pop over once again.

Yours Truly,



  1. I haven't been lurking in the malls lately , too much temptation , empty wallet ! lol Lots of interesting stuff er not retail therapy , mind ! to see though , just like in that mall ;D

  2. Lovely photos.

  3. Interesting post and lovely photos.

  4. Hi Annie, love your humour.... I enjoyed reading it. :)

    All the pictures are very well taken. Thanks or the shopping tour.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  5. i liked this. Found you on a google image search.


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