Wednesday 6 February 2013

English Etiquette

My Dear MIL

One thing I admire with the olden days British practice is the prime and proper English etiquette. Since the arrival of your first never failed showering her with gifts. As you know, it is very English to always say your "please and thank yous"... and don't forget the word "pardon me?"...So, since very little, the girls were made to write their "Thank you'" notes for every gifts they were showered with.

This is a very good practice indeed. To date, they're big enough to meet this responsibilty and this practice have been seeded deep within them. You have been very much a part of the successful training:)

Not only girls were always and is always very careful in writing out any notes with their best and neatess penmanship. Another etiquette to remember! Otherwise, you would comment on those things. This is a good thing too...for to this day, they are ever so careful to always check their handwritings...if we have to give back, might as well give our very best too:)

These days...they prefer to write emails for convinience and promptness.... but now and again, I always suggest them to do it the old fashion way....send the notes through postal service. I know receiving letters from any of the girls always cheer your day too:)

Your son and precious grandaughters are enclosing their big love and thousand kisses to you within my blog post today.

Take care...with much much love,

Annie XOX


  1. Great. I always insist that my daughter's generous with her p's & q's - please and thank well as greeting people she meets e.g. those customer service people at the offices or the banks. Just a little effort on one;s part but I'm sure it goes a long way to brighten up their day.

    1. I understand you were a teacher Athur, right? I see teaching is still an important issue to you...I appreciate that!


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