Thursday 14 March 2013

Seeds and more seeds

Dear Family and Friends

Seeds got the power...they bring hope for the future generations... I'm normally level headed,but today I'm lost to myself due to much excitements. Yes...literally dancing with joy after receiving packets of assorted seeds! Call it crazy, but it's as if I've won the lottery! That's what packets of seed can do to me!

I only wanted those coloured corns that our friends M&D grow in France, which I couldn't get here.... and they generously sent me more than I've asked for!!

These arrived from our postal service! So, excuse me if I'm getting out of hand here...!

There's a special note for me here.... yes! Luffa is also my dream plant....planted them for two years in a row....they were so slow to grow in this country, in the end, they don't get enough time to bear fruits because winter catches up. But Hey! I'm not giving up... I'm going to try planting them again this year...perhaps these seeds variety will make it!! Then, perhaps.. later I can harvest some luffa sponge to keep us all clean as we get very dirty with all the grime that we pick up from gardening!

Rainbow radish? This is a novelty for me!! They will go into the ground in no time. It would definitely be exciting to see and eat colourful radishes in our salad.

Another dream come true! Multi-coloured Swiss chard. I always get very happy whenever I come face to face with the ruby chard in our garden. Ruby Chard is an all year round veggie and will survive winter too. Very pretty to look at with their red stems and we like eating them too....Now, here comes the multi -colour varieties....This is just the ultimate chard that I want in my garden Whoo Hooo!!

Last week, when I was in a garden centre...I was about to buy these particular flower seeds...but the cashier lady was having some problem with her till and I just don't have the patience to wait till she got herself left the shop without my seeds....isn't it a coincidence that my friend included these seeds in the parcel too?

We love the English corgette with dark green skin, as well as the Bulgarian corgette with a white skin....and now we can try the French corgette from Nice....wonder what colour this one will be??...Apparently, this one will come out that's another thing to look forward to!!

Ah! French beans..and climbing variety will defntely add a dimension to the garden this year!!

When I look at this group of seed know what I see? Colourful, inviting and delicious salad concoction!! Just mix them all Salad recipe! We're big competitors of pet rabbits here...just can't have enough salad....won't be long from now on...

Because I'm off to the garden to sow, sow, and sow some of these seeds. You can be sure there will not be starvation this year:) and there will be plenty for everyone:)

Ciao for now.



  1. I'm thinking salad , soup , baked goodies ..... :D I can't wait til harvest time lol

    1. I'm also looking forward to lazy summer's days...where there'll be plenty of salads and fruits from the munch and snack on all day long:)

  2. Wow Annie! Are you starting a seed bank to guard against catastrophic events? :D

    1. Not really into that yet Alvin:D Just getting carried away with an ambitious dream of a gardener to that of a farmer?!

  3. Gosh, so many seeds ! Have fun on growing them !

  4. Hi Annie, wow... that's whole of goodies. Looking forward to see your garden and follow by harvest time. :))

    Have a nice day.


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