Wednesday 22 May 2013

Drip irrigation

Dear Family & Friends

Even with smaller gardens, you might want to consider drip irrigation. Sometimes life gets busy, and you might not be able to water for a few days. If you had automatic irrigation, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing the garden you had spent months nurturing.

My first year of gardening, I was manualy carrying and pouring buckets of water from the well unto the plants. OH That was very tiring! and I don't thinkI needed more muscle building!

The second year, we bought an electric water pump and use a hose to stand for hours till the garden is watered. In the height of summer, mosquitoes were very keen on feasting me for the duration of the watering chore!! Yikes! 

The third year, we decided to make a deep trench on rows of plants and flood it with water to avoid becoming the party food of the mossies! But this uses up and waste so much water.

This year, we are getting clever, my husband installed a drip irrigation system. We placed a big water reservoir on top of a built-metre tall-pedestal. We pump water from the well into the reservoir and there is a switch for the main dripping pipe that channels to little plastic pipes that's laid onto the plant beds. Water is dripped using gravity and slow watering drips mean, the plant can take in the water into it's roots gradually... and we don't need to be there to do the chore either! Now, do you agree that we are getting clever?!

When life gets tough, there's always means and ways to find some solution. We are not experts here but gradually my husband is becoming quite a handyman...trying this way and that way...watching and learning from others too:) 

OK...I believe there's always hope..and we'll go for it. Be encouraged in whatever good plans you have too:)



  1. So much easier than carrying a bucket full of water back and forth for sure ! Now , those mossies will just find another easy food from now on :D

  2. I think drip irrigation is the way to go. I've been trying to figure out how to install it in my raised beds without having hoses hanging over the beds.

  3. Hi Annie, excellent idea to water the plant. Save you lots of time and man power carrying bucket of water. Your garden look huge, I cannot imagine how many trips you made thru and fro carrying buckets of water everyday. * faint*

    Best regards.


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