Saturday, 11 May 2013

Water Business

Dear Family & Friends

Been looking for an old fashioned galvanized watering can for a while...For a time being, I patiently used a tin can that I nailed holes to act as watering can ...then finally, we saw one in the little shop. I might paint and do some creative things to it ...but that will be for a day when I find nothing to do.

Another thrifty project was this recycled plastic used to hold some cookies that we bought from the shop. Now, its an effective container to grow plant seeds. The plastic cover creates a humid and warm atmosphere, ideal for seeds that needs this kind of atmosphere to sprout.

All I do is to lightly tap the cover and drops of water falls back to the soil and water the seedlings! Saves you from watering them often too!

We do use up a lot of water to keep our garden going. The sun and wind can be a bit fierce at times here. But water used for garden purpose are mainly from the 2 underground water well source and from rain water that we collect...and that's when the galvanized watering can comes handy.

Water for drinking, washing and in house uses, come from metred water. Yes, there's daily showering and we try our best to drink 8 glasses a day of liquid! But look at the bill we got!...this is more or less an average monthly bill.

That's about 4 USD or under 3 Quid only! Some things can be very cheap here... in UK we pay almost 10 times that!!

Cheap bills do have an effect in cheering people...don't you think so?



  1. Your water is really cheap! My town charges you twice for water usage. They have regular metered water usage and then they charge again for the same amount of usage at a lower rate for sewer!!

    Your watering can is great - nice size. It would look cute with some thing painted on front. Good idea to recycle that cookie container into a greenhouse!

  2. Woah ! That's really cheap ! Metered water here is reasonable but back home in the Philippines - really expensive :P My dad's always complaining when it's time to pay the bill :D

  3. Water is cheap here too. We pay less than US$3 a month...but electricity's a killer. So hot so we tend to use air conditioning a lot. My bill may come up to US$100 a month. Ouch!!!!

  4. Hi Annie, I like the watering can. If can get a smaller one, paint it and use as a flower vase. It'll look nice.

    Happy Mother's Day to you and have a wonderful week ahead.

  5. I agree with Amelia, I like the watering can. It's so organic and chic. Happy gardening!


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