Thursday 18 July 2013

Today is Spuds' Day

Dear Family & Friends

Today is Spud's Day. The team got out one Saturday morning to harvest the potatoes that has been waiting for us.

We dug about 4 rows of potatoes. One hoes the soil to loosen the potatoes that are buried underneath...then, the girls' job is to gather them up. Yes, it was very hot that an open umbrella was a must!

See all the's like finding treasures. By the time we've cleared up all the potatoes...the ground will be all ready for autumn planting...perhaps we could plant some carrots in later...well, that's another job in the making:)

We have had a good yield and harvest...that is despite the fact that we never sprayed any chemicals on the plant! We must be the only people in this village or other villages that don't agreed with spraying. Spraying is a big lifestyle in this area...from the beginning, during its growing period... and it continues even after the harvest for preservation purpose....It certainly is shocking!! Our neighbours insist that we will never get anything good if we don't spray...but...we've proved them very wrong once again:)

Fresh potatoes are truly delicious! The rest of the glut will be stored in a cool dark place...Without spraying, it will keep for a good few months...but perhaps, not as long as those sprayed ones sold in the supermarkets here...but definitely we can have potatoes till late winter or part of early spring from the harvest we've made:)

We remain and maintain eating healthy does make a difference. Hope you do too:)



  1. Hi Annie, love your fresh potatoes. Very good harvest. Happy gardening!

    Have a nice day

  2. Annie , need any help ? :D I just can imagine the taste of your organic potatoes !

  3. Nice looking and good size potatoes! I accidentally harvested potatoes once. I tossed old potatoes in a garden and voila!...they were small but tasty. Love your garden.


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