Saturday 24 August 2013

T is for Tomato

Dear Family & Friends

With over 200 tomato plants I've planted in Spring, it's no surprise that we are having one too many tomatoes this year. There's a lesson to be learned: Do less next year!! Chest freezer is now full. Every cooked meal seems to have tomato, girls snack on them all day long, chickens do too...yet there's still buckets for friends...

My brain cells come up with all sorts of tomato meal menu. I've even come up with an amazing pesto fried rice with miniature tomato as part of our meal one day....Oh...they're good:)

These miniature tomatoes are smaller than a normal size marble!

There's a lot of tomato caring done lately...oh yes, we get covered with green powdery tomato stuff because we've neglected them and they start flopping everywhere in the jungle...I mean garden! We then had to re-train and tie them up, otherwise they can entangle us in the garden! Yes, it got that bad! Lesson learned: Don't grow too many next year!! OK...OK!...I've got it now;P

But despite that, there's no better tomato than what you can have from the garden.We even discovered one very strange looking tomato... they're all huddled together like a bunch of bananas! Now, we don't see those kinds in the supermarket!!!

We ate this strange thing and they were super sweet!!

Then, there's the beef tomato and the miniature tomato. A normal size chicken egg, along with a strange miniature chicken egg! Ah...the wonder of nature!!
My little girl terribly want to eat the miniature egg...she wants to see how many egg yolk is inside!
No, it's not eat's more of a museum piece!

I just hope that my little family will remain grateful for our everyday tomato meals, for there's more to come... Afterall, I must admit that after a while, our greedy chickens are now becoming choosy with their tomato, no, no....they put their beaks up whenever we throw them nice sweet cherry tomatoes....they prefer the big juicy beefy tomato instead!! Oh well, they can have that too:)

Hope you're enjoying your tomatoes in season, or are encouraged to grow them in pots or in the garden, for they are such easy plant and the reward is great!



  1. Hi Annie! Oh, we do love homegrown tomatoes. The leggy one looks quite funny! :) We haven't planted any in so long, shame on me. If I lived closer I would relieve you of your abundance of tomatoes. With your permission of course! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hi Annie! I love tomatoes and you can make lots of beautiful dishes with your great harvest! Looking forward to reading more on your creative cooking using tomatoes!

  3. Wow! nice looking tomatoes and weird looking one too. How in the world, some chicken produce so tiny egg? A miniature chicken? Fun post!

  4. Oh Annie , I would really LOVE to get my hands on some of those huge tomatoes *sigh* What a bountiful harvest indeed !


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