Thursday, 5 September 2013

Collecting Seeds

Dear Family & Friends

The hectic garden activities seem to be winding down. Most of the vegetables planted in rows during spring time has now been harvested and eaten, and if some still remain, they look tired by now.

This is the only one pop corn I harvested this year...., I've failed in this somewhere..?? But I'm hoping that I could at least save these seeds for next year's planting...and hope for success!

The two giant sunflower volunteers produced dinner size plate flowers full of seeds... we think it is not worth planting giant sunflower in the garden, but having the odd one or two volunteers are OK. We collected the seeds for the chickens to eat.

I'm so grateful for this year's pleasant wasn't as oppressive as it was the previous years. The early morning and late evening air are now becoming cool-er, autumn is perhaps just around the corner... not too long from now....yet, we still want to hang onto the summer fun.

Sometimes I like autumn...but I don''t like saying goodbye to the garden annual plants...because it's sad... Well, well,  I better go and join the badminton team in the garden before I get teary... Oh! I mustn't forget that there's always something to enjoy with every season that comes!

Hope you have a nice day too:)



  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on the season ending. I am glad the work is winding down, but I really miss all the gardens in winter! :))

  2. Hi Annie, I'm back. The trip lasted long this time (felt like it) and I'm glad to be home. When I left US, it was still summer and came home to find chilly air. Me too, Autumn makes me sentimental. Thank you for your comment on my blog. You're so kind.


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