Monday 14 October 2013

Autumn plants in the garden

Dear Family & Friends

Days are getting a bit chiller...season is changing to cool Autumn! 

It's still very nice to potter around the garden. The volunteered aubergine in my kitchen garden still looks happy and I particularly like their round shape fruit hanging onto this foot tall plant!

Part of the miniature tomato in my kitchen garden seems to be getting tired, stems browning in this cooler days...yet, part of it is still very lush and even producing tiny more flowers. 

The sinecio plant is now perking didn't grew much during the hot summer days, but it's catching up now. 

I'm not sure about the name of this flower bush...but it is still giving the garden some bright fushia pink colours along with the rampant orange colours of the marigold everywhere.

Just trying to capture the garden beauty before most of the annual plants chill off for the year. Cool air and bright sun shiny days of autumn are here to stay!

Enjoy your day too:)



  1. Right! Time to clean up for cooler season is arrived over here too. Looks like you have more to harvest that's awesome.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Annie, The last flower, the fuchsia pink one, Four o'clocks(common name). Botanical name Mirabilis jalapa. Pretty but grows like crazy from seeds so that I'm always having to pull up the little volunteers!

    1. Hi Dorothy, thank you for filling up the name of the plant:) I do need to know more about the plants I see in our garden...and I do appreciate your knowledge:)

  3. Annie , maybe you need an extra hand help to pick some of those cherry tomatoes ?! lol

  4. Hi Annie, really enjoyed looking at your garden. I'm fascinated with those flowers, fruits and vegetables. :))



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