Saturday, 19 October 2013

My Garden Friends

Dear Family & Friends

Sometimes I think summer is still here to stay...mostly because I'm in denial that its now autumn!! But on a very sunny day...the garden is still buzzing with noises from the bees, and butterflies that flutters everywhere.

I used to be scared of some garden insects..due to my ignorance. But believe me, most of them are friends of the garden, no harm to man...and that includes the bees...they're friendly lot!

These butterflies, although they don't make any noise as they go by....yet, they're amusing to watch!

They visit from one flower to another all day long!

This one landed on my laundry that was hanged outside...I think it was attracted to the moisture!

With sun shining, they also love sunbathing!!

Although butterflies don't make the noise, bees and this hummingbird moth do!

All these garden insects are very welcome in our garden. I think they make a lot of difference with their presence! Most of the time, I stop my garden work and just admire them as they come very near me.

In order to bring them to the garden, we allow a lot of flowers to just grow everywhere. Most of the flowers we have are just annuals that easily self seed, such as marigold, zinnias and anything that blooms...but it gives a lot of pleasure to mankind and their garden friends!

Hope you enjoyed meeting some of my garden friends today:)



  1. Such beautiful garden guests you have! Love your snaps and thank you for your visit and advice.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Thank you for the kind introduction to your garden friends.

  3. Annie , my favorite season is here , finally ! Okay , not really but there's a nip in the air :D Those are pretty butterflies , I think your garden is such bountiful place that so many different species of butterflies come a-visiting !

  4. Fascinating! Beautiful creatures.

  5. Hi Annie, wow... those are very lovely and beautiful butterflies. Nice click!

    Have a wonderful week ahead.


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