Tuesday 3 December 2013

Bird Flight Air Show

Dear Family & Friends

One sunny morning, I found myself mesmerized with the sight and sound, while pottering around the garden!

Unfortunately, our camera couldn't take such beauty as I've seen it...and partly because I'm not that good in taking photos either.But here are my best shots!


There was a huge bird noise, and for some reason, thousands upon thousands of birds were flying in big flock resting from trees to trees. Then, as if a leader shouted "let's go", they fly around the sky only to land on another tree top, again and again!

There were a few big groups of them doing this flight exercise. You can hear the flapping of their wings! It was incredible! I can't help but gasp WOW with mouth opened wide...but I was aware that I should be careful too in case they might not be able to control droppings from sky...not going to be pleasant if it landed on me, would it!

What triggers them to do that? Where did they all come from? Where are they heading to next?...it all fascinates me and I really don't know the answer. What I know is that it was such an awesome sight!

Hope you have a truly beautiful day today too:)



  1. Wow! Just like the movie 'Birds' I like your title better.

  2. Hi Annie, love your header picture. Great pictures of the birds, guess they are migrating? :))

    Have a nice week ahead.


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