Wednesday 25 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Dear Family & Friends

Merry Christmas!  This year we had a Christmas roast turkey meal with all the trimmings! Lots of work but we ate till we couldn't move:) We are grateful for this wonderful celebration!

I think Christmas food fare has to have the mince pie! No, I didn't baked's store bought... but it was good as we even managed to buy it from here this year:) So, this is a rare treat for us:)

Our village arranged a little programme and my two girls were invited to present a Christmas carol. It was fun and had brought good cheer to this little village.

Well, hope you did had a good Christmas celebration with your family we reflect the birth and life of our Saviour Jesus Christ:)

Stay happy and blessed:)



  1. Annie, Sorry for late comment. It seems like you had a good Christmas. It was nice to visit your blog. Those pies looks great!

    I haven't started my blog this year yet. I hope I could do it soon.

    1. Hey! I did miss you but in my mind I picture you being away having a great time:) Really looking forward to your next blog!


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