Thursday 12 December 2013

Planted More Fruit Trees

Dear Family & Friends

Just before the offical winter's day arrived, we planted 3 more fruit trees! a purple plum, and two kinds of apricot! Each tree cost only a dollar fifty! For that price we were tempted to buy the whole stock in the shop...but glad we had self control, afterall, we're running out of garden space to put more trees!

We will probably try our hands on grafting fruit trees in Spring... it would be nice to have a varieties of fruits on same tree instead. It shouldn't be difficult to do either. But we must wait for Spring time to do so!

Having fruit trees in the garden is very rewarding...trees give fruits year after year and maintance is not difficult. and who doesn't like eating fruits? With the abundance, it will also be an opportunity to share with others.

What trees do you have in your garden? May your trees be extra more fruitful for the coming year:)


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  1. Hi Annie, I have 4 Asian pear trees and a fig tree. We enjoy those fruits though, pears didn't do well this year. Your garden is doing fantastic and enjoy reading about it.


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