Saturday 1 February 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Dear Family & Friends

Happy Chinese New Year to you all! This year should be a good golden year:)

A table with some simple Chinese New year traditional dishes prepared.

We had a simple 'good fun' just to celebrate a tradition with the family. Not all the fun fare... as I'm not really good at it...but enough to remind us that it's another new year to look forward to:)

Managed to improve my jiaozi making skill this year:) That's a good new start!

Hope you had a good celebration with the family it new year or just a new day:)



  1. Happy Lunar New Year! all those food look delicious and so festive!

  2. Hi Annie, Happy Lunar New Year to you and family. May the horse year bring joy, happiness and good health. Your food look delightful.

    Have a nice day.


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