Sunday 16 February 2014

Wine Day Celebration?

Dear Family & Friends

We just learned that every February 14 is a wine day celebration in Bulgaria. This is the day when all those who owns vineyard, or simply grows a few grapes in their garden, will tend and start pruning their grapevines.

a vine crown on the head, a vine twig in the wine glass

Our friend who is a vineyard owner producing around 50 thousand tons of grape wine a year, explained some of the mythical practices they do, like: wearing a grape vine crown on their head, drinking wine with a vine twig dipped inside the glasswine etc...brings abundance of fruits for the year. How true??

The BBQ team responsible for grilling burgers and sausages for everyone

He invited all the villagers to celebrate with him. The workers had been working for a week in the vineyard pruning the grapes but today they stop to drink wine, and had some BBQ. A nice simple gathering to unite the village community as well. 

Free flowing grape wine and boxes of apples for all

Since we had a mild short winter this year...we had a lovely sunny day out there with the locals...and everyone seems cheerful. There were boxes of apples free for all to take home too...we were given about 4 crates of crispy apples!

A beautiful sunny day for everyone too

At the same time, we had another national TV crew doing the filming. Yes, we're on TV once again. This has something to do with the protest that we did since June last year  to put a stop to building a crematory for big animals right in our residential village! ... Our 4th national TV appearance! So far, we are still waiting for good results out of this.

National TV crew filming and interviewing people

This gathering definitely have been a bonding experience for our local village community. Although we're the only foreign family living amongst them but we all understand that we are one.



  1. Oh, what a wonderful celebration!

  2. Very homey atmosphere, very friendly. Annie, you are in good spot.

  3. That looks like a wonderful day for you and your family. Your friend’s vineyard looks warm and welcoming, not to mention a homey sanctuary for wine aficionados like you, with free flowing apples, grapes and other wine varieties. It’s lovely to see everyone having a great time! Cheers!

    Jessica L @ Liquid Diamondz


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