Friday, 21 March 2014

Failed Crochet Idea

Dear Family & Friends

I've been doing a few crochet squares which gave me a few challenges...yes, I like crocheting various complicated designs...but what to do with so many crochet squares? That's when I thought that I could piece them together like a patchwork quilt.

My failed crochet squares made for a quilt patchwork idea:(

Only to realize, that actually it didn't measure up as nice as I thought it would be. So, I undid all crochet squares and started another new crochet project instead.

a glimps of my ongoing flower lace crochet. Don't you think it matches the flower cupcakes?

I've started a pretty lacey design and am still working on's getting bigger by the perhaps if I don't get fed will turn into a nice table cloth or bed drape?? I hope I could finish this before my gardening chore calls me soon.

Hope you are having a good fun working on the task you're given too:)


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  1. Oh my! You're so good at crocheting! So intricate and beautiful! And the brioches(?) look so good too.


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