Saturday 29 March 2014

Our March Birthday Girl

Dear Family & Friends

The month of March is spring time...a new beginning! Garden is coming to live once again and it's keeping us all very busy. At the same time, the month of March marks a special celebration for our little girl...12 wonderful years and she continues on proving a great blessing to us all.
The birthday girl treating us to a birthday triffle treat...her own version.
As it was her birthday, she treated us to her own version of fruit triffle...nothing much for us to do, except to wait patiently:)

The triffle ingredients..and it's last photo shot before it was gobbled up!

There's no exact recipe. Triffle is a personalized dessert that's always perfect. For this day, she had some swiss roll as a base, topped with chopped apples and orange segments. A strawberry jelly is ready to be poured on top of it all afterwards. I can prove to you that it was so delicious because we didn't even managed to take the photo of the just went!! Sorry:(

Learning a language and enjoying at the same time
Our birthday girl is growing fast... physically and with wisdom too. We're proud of her! She took over a Japanese 3 months online language programme...and managed to complete it in less than 1.5 months. She worked so hard and enjoyed it a lot too.  All done..2 days before her birthday!

Japanese online interactive language programme

To help herself with this language, she put a lots of working hours and booked as much live session with a local native speaker teacher as possible...her dedication paid off:)

A guaranteed new bike to be well loved

Four years ago, her uncle came over to visit us and bought a bicycle for her 7th birthday:) That bike have been so loved with use, but Alas! she kept growing each year! So, this year we decided it's about time to get her another one for her birthday. Bikes are on sale at this time of the year and we even got a further discount when a friend offered to use his employee card to purchase this on our behalf...a total of: almost 50% off! Happy parents! 
Two sisters on their cycling routine activity

The birthday girl and her other older sister are the best of  friends. They share a lot of interest even though they each have their own personal character. Each day these girls cycle a lot and always come back home full of giggles:)

Just recording some of our simple blessings in life...hope you do the same...count your blessings and stay blessed:)



  1. Happy Birthday (otanjyobi omedeto) to your daughter. She looks beautiful! And she seems very smart. I wish I could help her with Japanese study. Nice bike!

  2. Happy Birthday to your wonderful daughter , Annie ! She's gorgeous and smart to boot - such a deadly combination lol


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