Tuesday 4 March 2014

Sowing Methods

Dear Family & Friends

We have been sowing vegetables seeds in pots for the past weeks. So far, we stopped with about 200 recycled yogurt pots of various vegetables seeds.Still a lot more to do because other seeds need a higher temperature to germinate, so they will be sown a bit later.

seeds sown in recycled pots, out on our patio with plastic sheet cover for a bit of warmth.

Some seeds were directly sown into the ground...like radishes, spinach, peas, carrots and beetroots for example.

These sweet peas self sowned in autumn, and survived winter too!

As you can see, part of our vegetable garden is still loaded with Brussel sprouts, beetroot, turnips and carrots that had over-wintered...yes, they all got covered in snow for days...yet, once thawed...they all start lookin happy again. Great pleaser plants they are! We are harvesting them as much as we could eat and the chickens also get their fresh share out of it...

Brussel Sprouts still going great! They were left out uncovered all winter.

As soon as the seeds sown in pots are big enough, most of them will come into this same vegetable garden area. Well, that's the cycle of eating and growing....

Growing your own veggie is very rewarding...if you have not tried it...why not have a go too?



  1. 200 yogurt cups? That looks like hard work. We're going to have warm weather this weekend. I hope we have time to weeds...that is not fun as sowing of course.

  2. I can't wait to start gardening but tonight's forecast is -19C with a -30C windchill.

  3. love seeing the progress on your garden! so many little pots you have!!!


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