Friday 4 April 2014

Herbal Plants - Comfrey & Dock Leaves

Dear Family & Friends

Strange how a comfrey plant can give me so much excitement and joy! More so because I've been searching for this plant for a while till I managed to get and transport a couple of roots from a farmer friend in the UK, last autumn. He really must think I'm deeply mad because he considers comfrey as unriddable weeds in his farmland!

Comfrey plant is loved by the chickens too. It is also good as garden composting mulch, or simply soak the leaves in water to produce liquid plant food. Yes, also medicinal for skin cuts, bruises or even knit bones!!

YAY! my comfrey rooted!
Last year,  I also searched for this plant called Dock Leaves... another weed plant that grows everywhere. Once I recognized it, I let it grow in our garden freely. You see, this is actually a herbal plant and it can be cooked as veggie food too. It's delicious used as wrapper to wrap risotto sort of rice dish...same as when you make cabbage roll or the mediterrenian sarmi, which is commonly wrapped with grapevine leaves. But I understand that one should not eat too much of this.

Dock Leaves - we eat them - but not too often. 

These are just some of the plants that grow in the wild, and are useful to have. Instead of foraging them from the wild, we let them grow in our garden because there's extra room for them and it's cleaner for food consumption as it's within your care.

Do you have particular herbal plants that you like which we mostly call as mere weeds?



  1. Annie , it's really nice that you can grow any plants in your garden ! You smuggled a plant tsk tsk lol

  2. I really don't know what comfrey and dock leaves are but I agree with Miss Anne Regalado, you seems to have magic touch that can grow anything you want.

    I can't believe a week go by so fast but it is so nice to visit your blog finely. We really start our garden soon. The weather is in low 70's getting very warm. Happy gardening! And thanks for the gardening tips.


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