Saturday 17 May 2014

Projects Done

Dear Family & Friends

For months and months, I've worked on this crochet project whenever I get the free time. I've enjoyed it a lot. It is another of my frugal project. Not a single penny was spent on it because it was an old cardigan of the girls that won't fit them anymore. I really like the cotton cream thread, so I undid and retrived the five strand-thread and crocheted each separated strand of thin thread for this project!

The frugal crochet project is done

Crochet is an activity that I find so restful for my mind...a de-stressing exercise. As I finished using up all the thread, the size of my project had to end too. ...oh... a bit sad for me...but, I will find another one to work on later. 

My favourite crochet design project to date

Perhaps not everyone can crochet or enjoy crocheting...but I know we all have this creative aspect within all of us... The recent easter celebration proved once again that every grandmothers/mothers in our village, are all gifted in decorating easter eggs. We received quite a few boiled eggs painted and decorated in various ways...all very beautiful! I'm too impatient to do this kind of craft, not even for my children.

A few of the many creatively decorated easter eggs the girls received this year.

So, I wish you a beautiful and creative day today.



  1. Annie , it looks pretty AWESOME ! You're such a creative gel and a garden whiz to boot :D

  2. Very beautiful! You're so good! I don't have the patience to do this kind of work but I admire people who have this quality. Well done.

  3. Hi Annie, love your crochet table clothes, look really beautiful. you're very good in craft work, keep up the good job.

    Best regards.


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