Saturday, 10 May 2014

Somethings To Look Forward To

Dear Family & Friends

We find ourselves with so many projects to work on here and there.... everything needs to be done....but of course we have to take one project at a time, will all get done in time.

Repairing and painting an old given beehive...another one more to do! 

We have been wanting to keep bees for honey. A neighbour gave us two of their old bee hives...we repaired it and painted it for weather protection. I didn't do it....but I have a very clever and hard working husband who is so keen in this new venture.

Some more propagated fig tree in tiny pot

We also have been planting lots of fruit trees since autumn and early spring this year. It will be too much for our budget to buy plants and trees to fill our garden, I have learned to propagate and grow plants from cuttings...or we approach our neighbours for spare seedlings and we exchange goods because we think it is also fair to give back.

Lavender cuttings rooted in water for propagation

Remember the lavender plants I tried mass propagation with recently? Well, I found out that it is easier and faster to let them root in water....I have planted quite a few lavender plants around the garden by now....but we still have a few rows of garden edgings to dot with some more plants. Lavender is a perennial plant, beautiful and easy to care much attention needed. 

Young trees by the barn, the circle herb garden, the veggie plot, potted plants...all will get there in it's season:)

At this time, we have so many projects at home and in the garden that we are working on...many of them need some time to take on... time to grow and get established, and sometimes we ourselves need some time to get some more/further knowledge on how to finish our projects... somehow, it will get done and everything will get there in time.

Life is about time... Whatever you are working on...hope you enjoy them all:)



  1. I hear you on the project list. Our list just keeps growing. I am so jealous on the bees. I would love to keep bees.

  2. Yes there are so many things to do.
    One at the time is good at least the project will be completed and not left half-way.

  3. It feels like ages since I last visited you. Once again I'm so impressed of you and your family's work ethic and can do attitude. Honey bee project? I go like...when do you sleep? Nice post!

    I love fig...mine getting really big and wild! Have a nice day!


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