Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sowing Seeds And Little Trees

Dear Family & Friends

I still got recycled trays and pots of seedlings doting about in the garden. Can't wait to transplant them all so it can be cleared up...but so far, many of them are still slow to come up because we have not had super warm climate, with our unstable spring weather.

I must also have this compulsive sowing habit that is getting worse each year....A few days ago, my frugal husband found another tiny fig in the garden and asked me to care for it till it will be ready to be transplanted back  in the garden. Nah...I can't say no, I got it, potted it, and placed it under my watchful eye. Yes, another one!

Surely we can't plant another fruit tree in our garden, Dear?! So far, we have planted 41 fruit trees, and 14 fruit vines as per my last count. Well, I'm told that I just have to put them in pots and it will get some place to be planted. I should stop my children from eating fruits and spitting the pips back into the garden soil...cause they all sprout and somebody can't resist rescuing them! Yes, it's possible that we'll end having an orchard!!

Sometimes I think we should stop a bit and just find some time to sit still, have a sip of tea in the garden...just like what my little girl drew of a garden scene.

Don't you think it's a good idea? So, I'll go now and call some company to join me too:) Hope you enjoy a good day too:)


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