Tuesday 24 June 2014

Foraging Mulberry

Dear Family & Friends

It's Mulberry time once again. Our village is actually named Chernichevo (meaning Mulberry). True to it's name, we have plenty of mulberry trees along road sides.

Fruiting Mulberry tree

We used to have a big mulberry tree in our own garden, but we had to chop it down because it was diseased and it was such a big tree that shaded up a big portion of our garden too.

Foraging for mulberry while on cycling route

Now, we just have to harvest some mulberry from outside our garden. The two girls normally gather some during their afternoon bike ride.

Sometimes I get some 'take-home-mulberries' from them...Oh, they are really nice (my girls and mulberries ;P)...I have frozen some fruits for later use or consumption. They freezes well too:)

Mulberry fruits can be messy...see how they stain the road?

One afternoon, my little girl came home and announced: "Tragic news Mummy! A man is chopping down all the fruits and leaves of our favourite Mulberry tree!" Tragic indeed. But they found another tree down the road for a few more mulberries to enjoy:)

Back in our garden, the raspberry that we were so desperate to grow have finally taken on this year...but as it's the first year, there's not many fruits available just yet...perhaps next year would be the year to enjoy it. For the moment, we just got a couple of berries...and this is the first one!. No, can't share this...just one person was lucky that day and it was me:)

Hope you have a lucky day too!



  1. Oh I love mulberries! What a shame they cut down their favourite tree. Hopefully the can find a few more to forage from :)

  2. Hmm...I don't think we have mulberries around here. They sound very yummy!

  3. We don't have mulberries around here but I am sure they are good. I love forging for food. Around here I think it's a dying art.


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