Wednesday 4 June 2014

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Dear Family & Friends

We took a step further with our garden venture. At the start of Spring, we decided that we want to grow our own hay for our chicken nesting boxes. So, we let the grass lawn grow...and they grew fast with all the rainy spring days we had this year too:)

Our garden lawn produced a big amount of hay for our year's need.

Time came when we had to cut it down...yes, MANUALLY!! Oh it was hard work!!I only managed to do half of it and my hard working husband took over. Now, we have more than enough for our use.

It's a common sight to see hay being dried by the road side.

At this time of the year, villagers are doing the same. They go cut long grasses from the field and dry it by the roadside near to their home.

Neighbour's share of hay

This neighbour got a big stack of hay to store up in the barn, plenty for their animals' need for a year at least.

Back in our garden, we re-discovered our lawn once again. At least the growth will slow down now that we're entering summer...and the girls would be able to use the area for their afternoon badminton game. As for me, I'm glad making hay is over for the year:)

Hope you have a wonderful day today:)


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