Monday, 7 July 2014

Fresh Food In Season

Dear Family & Friends

At the start of June, we have been able to harvest veggies from the seeds we have sown in Spring. The joy of eating fresh veggies from garden to the table in just a matters of minutes. The taste is unbeatable!

The first few harvest variation from our garden

The harvest gradually increase, and I can assure you that we would still enjoy them all till it stops giving.

Everyday, new harvest arrives to our kitchen table

Everyday we gather a few of the courgette, beans, peas, leafy greens etc... and we mostly steam cook it or eat it fresh as salad.

Food preparations

It's a joy to hear everyone enjoying all the fresh veggies...all very quiet at the dining table as they nibble simple nutricious meals. Slowly, any extra harvest from the day gets into the freezer too:)

The ladybirds are also key helpers in bringing food to our table. They clean up garden pest.

To produce food for the table takes time and effort...but to see the harvest being enjoyed by all is worth it! The whole family contributes in whatever way they gardening is also our family activity:) Mind you, we were also given some beneficial insects by the Creator to make all these possible too:)

Hope you have fun day too:)


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  1. What a wonderful reward for your hard work. Our garden is not producing anything yet really...some lettuce, basil...but tomatoes are getting pink so it's promising!


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