Wednesday 10 December 2014

Our Village Library

Dear Family & Friends

My big girl went to our village library to give an invitation for other children to join the scout group that they attend. As she arrived the library, she smelled something good. I must admit to you that our village library is nothing compared to what you get in the western world.

This is the inside of our village library

There's no computer to boast, but, there's a very ancient manual Cyrillic "strike the key" type writer! There's not many books in our library either. Most of them are old books, so you can imagine the musty smell that goes with it. A handful of English books, no more than the fingers in your one hand. So, our girls are not enticed in going there.

one occassion when the library came to live with special gathering

But saying that, we have a very friendly librarian. She opens the library everyday of the week, except weekend, but only after she have cooked their family about after midday onwards.

Food is much greater attraction than the musty old books

On few occasion, our village library serves as a meeting place for a special gathering like "grandmother's day". So it comes to live:)

But we do appreciate our humble village library

So, when my big girl smelt something good on her visit...she had to asked. There were a couple of grandmothers with the librarian, enjoying the heated place. It's a good thing! And the librarian revealed the secret nice smell that was filling up the place:) It's actually apple cores and peels thrown into the log burner. Now, that's a good idea..isn't it?

Sometimes we wish we have a better library in our village to enjoy, as we used to love our local high tech-library in the UK....Yet, we know our village library has it's own special character, even though we don't see our needs being met there.

We're still grateful...specially when we start looking at the other side of the coin.

Hope you have a lovely day.



  1. Your library is more magical than any fancy library over here. It has heart and tradition and love... Gosh....just love this. I think if there were more libraries like yours around there would be a better sense of community and the world would be a bit nicer. Happy day friend! Nicole xo

  2. Annie, this is lovely post! Very charming indeed! I love to check this library out and have some delicious things.

  3. your library is beautiful warm and cosy.i think it's( was) a wonderful time.
    have a nice week my friend,
    love and hugs regina


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