Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Our Budding Baker

Dear Family & Friends

What mother is not proud of her little girl? We are indeed very blessed with the two girls we have at home. Today I'm sharing with you some photos of  the baked goods that our little family baker constantly supply us with at the weekend. Sorry that the photos might not be so brilliant but there's probably room for improvement later;)

This cheesecake photo seems plain, but it's the first cheesecake baked by our little girl from scratch...she even made the cream cheese herself!! was so delicious:) 

This little girl would love to bake for us everyday...but I limit it to Saturday activity when she doesn't need to attend to her homeschooling. ...yet, only after she finish doing her Saturday dusting and tidying chores. She really enjoys baking!...the rest of us also enjoys eating:) Mmmm, we are "sometimes" aware that it won't be too good for our waistline and teeth!

Her father recently bought her a small spring form pan which she used for this lemon cake

This twelve year old girl works on her baking all by herself with no complain. She would be there measuring and mixing to make about 3 to 4 kinds of goodies to fill the oven shelves at one go. There would be a pie, cookies, loaf cake or pudding of some sort. These will be our dessert for the week to come. I think she have already achieve a life skill to aid her onto the future. 

Whenever I find a simple recipe, I study it and talk it out with her. With that, she proceeds in the kitchen all on her own. Most of the cakes or pies are done uses a basic rub on mix method, and she would alter flavour using different fruits in season or ingredients we have on hand. Reading food blogger post usually brings about lots of inspiration for this!

This is the joy of our week...hope your week is also filled with lots of joy from within your family circle too:)



  1. How beautiful and inspiring is this!!! Please tell her I think she is just awesome and to keep at it!!! You never know where your talents can take you and these baked goods look amazing!!! Happy day friend! Nicole xo

  2. Wow that's amazing for a twelve year old to do that! They look delicious really!

    1. I went and peep at your blog and find it inspiring and encouraging...keep sharing us your thoughts:)

  3. Annie , your 2 kids are not only talented but very creative as well ! Good job , Julia ( ? ) :D Love those 2 cakes , I bet both tastes delicious !

  4. Your daughters sound very sweet! The dessert look wonderful!

    I'm glad to have time to visit your blog today. I have been very busy getting ready for redecorating my house. I finally chosen the paint color for one room..phew!


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