Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Using Up Freezer Food

Dear Family & Friends

Through the year, I've learned to find short cuts to everyday living.... we grow our food and every now and again I store and freeze some for winter season, in portions. This cut short my cooking and preparing food time in the kitchen.

Precut and cooked chicken breast aportioned in freezer  

Another favourite way is to buy a big pack of chicken breast. I would cut them and precook them all and store them, in portions, in the freezer.

Frozen tomatoes put into cooking use

Now, I'm reaping the reward of my effort. I do a lot of stew on cold winter days...and the portioned ingredients from the freezer comes very handy indeed.

frozen precut and prepared sweet pepper and onion put to use

You can do this with lots of different veggies like sweet pepper, onions etc. When time calls for it, just thaw it and it cooks as fresh.

Some fresh thyme from the garden is still available for kitchen use

I freeze some herbs too. But for the moment, although everything in the garden ceased to grow, yet there are herbs such as thyme, still there for the picking. Herbs gives a lot of fragrance and flavour to our cooking.

This is one delicious meal with most ingredients from the freezer

Yet another winter meal, all taken from the freezer to keep the family healthy and happy. But I must admit that I can't wait for winter to go faster as I'm always looking forward to grow fresh food from the garden as always.

It's been very cold and eating warm food seems so comforting these days. Hope you are all making yourselves comfortable too:)



  1. Annie , 2 thumbs up for your farm ( or should I say , garden ?! ) to table via freezer meal :D Love how you grow everything and anything in your garden , I'm even drooling over those sprigs of thyme !

  2. hi annie,
    i use up my freezer food,too. today we had a delicious soup with veggies, like carrots,leeks and cellery and potatoes.
    tomorrow will i make a chicken with tomatoes,peppers(paprika from my garden) and potatoes with rosemary.
    have a nice week,


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