Saturday, 28 March 2015

Our Productive Lawn

Dear Family & Friends

We maintain a big enough grass lawn for football game...but as we have two pretty girls, they're not really into this kind of, last year we grew the grass for more productivity than just having a high maintenance garden lawn.

Our lawn producing valuable hay for chicken nest and mulch for the garden plants

We need hay for chicken nest, although whenever we place new hay on their nesting box, our silly chickens  would kick them all out ...Did I say "our silly chickens"?

A seasonal scene in our village...cut grass laid on one side of the street to dry

Hay is also valuable for gardening mulch to conserve water evaporation and to keep the plants cool during hot summer months.

Our neighbour is pleased with his work accomplishment

The neighbours around our village makes tons of hay for their animals needs every year. They cut them manually with scythe, load them into their wooden cart, dry them by the roadside, then store them in their barn. That's a lot of love for their animals, don't you think so?

One big file of hay harvested out of  our garden lawn

It was our first time to make use of our grass lawn last year and we came to a good mount of hay, enough for our use. Any left over is also good for compost making. Might be another added gardening work, but we're looking to do it again this year...after all, maintaining a manicured lawn is just as much work as this.

Finding physical work makes us stronger and fitter...I'm actually preaching to myself!! Might give a bit of muscle ache sometimes, but it does have its share of fun!

Hope you have a good and happy day today:)



  1. Annie , use that spot for sunbathing instead ! I think you need a cow or sheep or goat in your shed to help consume some of that hay :D

  2. What a great use for your lawn! You all are so resourceful!!!! Wishing you and the girls a wonderful week ahead!!! Nicole xo

  3. Fascinating read! Our city has great program and collect our yard waste every week (just put in the large bin). Your method is more sensible way to recycle the lawn clipping! Tour girl looks darling!

  4. Well, that's one smart way to make use of your lawn. Producing hay for the chicken nests and mulch for the garden plants is pretty unconventional, but I guess they have their advantages as well. Anyway, I'm absolutely enthusiastic about your approach with regard to lawn care and gardening. Stumbling upon your blog was definitely interesting, Annie. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Kristina Cobb @ Denny's Lawn


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