Tuesday, 21 April 2015

It's Spring - Can You Tell?

Dear Family & Friends

As spring time arrives, I find myself enjoying as slave to our garden. There's just so much to do... a lot of work, that every bones and muscles cries for attention on quiet night. But it's all a good kind of pain.

re-posted photo of spring time cherry tree against the house wall...Isn't it pretty?

I try my best to find time to update and keep this journal...but I just can't resist being out in the garden all day long. I will update you with photos of the garden another time...there's a lot of new life going on out there.

The beauty of spring is recorded in painting by the left handed little daughter

For the moment, even my little girl is so inspired with the arrival of spring time. Lots of spring time paintings, artworks and poems in foreign language being composed.

A short story on flowers written by my little girl

This girl studied Japanese via interactive online language programme for just two months...intensively! Afterwards she improved her writing further by writing and making friends with Japanese adults and children alike. She is very grateful for their patience and friendship.

These grape hyacinth are so beautiful...bees loves them too.

The Japanese short story she wrote was just a very simple one, focusing on colours and names of different flowers.

Daffodils came just after the snowdrops did.

Our garden is coming up with self seeding and perennial flowers here and there. Making all the bees very happy and busy, specially on sunny days.

Pansies making a cheerful 'comeback'!

Even the fruit trees are blossoming in flowers which will eventually turn into fruits once pollinated by the bees.

I can't read and understand everything written here...but apparently it's well written.

I hope you are having some great time outside ...enjoying nature or just taking in some sunshine health benefit. Till next time, I wish you a happy day too:)



  1. I am with you on feeling sore from the garden! It is the most wonderful work isn't it?!?! And your daughter has such a gift! Look at her work!! Just so beautiful!!! Wishing you an amazing week! Nicole xoxo

  2. Yes it's spring time, I've been digging and digging everyday trying to get my seedlings planted.
    Your little girl is very talented, did she learn interactive Japanese online? I have some chrysanthemum greens seeds to share if you're interested, drop me a note.

  3. Your daughter is so smart and the Japanese writing is great! And her painting is so pretty. She has very sweet personality!

    リサちゃん、日本語上手にかけてます。 よくがんばったね。


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