Thursday 21 May 2015

It's here...the Fox Gloves!

Dear Family & Friends

When I started gardening, I knew nothing except that I only wanted to try growing vegetables. No flowers...I thought they were a waste of time.

Speckled print inside the bell shaped flower

Thankfully, I sometimes do change my mind. After a few success of growing veggies...I decided that there's still a lot of space to put other plants like... flowers.

Always wanted to have a fox glove in our garden...and here they are this year!

One of the flowers I'm fascinated of is this poisonous Foxgloves or Digitalis! It's a very pretty plant to grow. Last year, a village grandma gave me a dozen of little plants for our garden. What a joy to be able to tick a plant off my wish list!

Still a lot more buds to open up

Fox glove is grows in the first year, will stand winter snow, and the second year it will send flowering stalks to produce seeds and that's the end of it's life cycle.

The white digitalis/foxglove seems to be more striking:)

In order to have a fruitful and abundant food garden, growing flowers to attract pollinating insects is a must! Bees loves this particular flower but just have to teach children that ingesting any of it's flower or seeds is poisonous...Next year, I will grow more of them:)

The garden is coming on with lots of colours at this time of the year...the bees are frenzy with their daily's just a joyful time being out in the garden. I hope that it's also the same for you and that you are enjoying every minute you get in the garden. Happy gardening.



  1. OH Annie!!! That is such a gorgeous flower! You know I have no foxgloves in my garden but I need to get some as yours have inspired me! Happy day to you! Nicole xo

  2. I didn't know the name of the flower. Nice looking flower...I love white foxgloves!


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