Friday 8 May 2015

Our New Duck Adventure

Dear Family & Friends

We wanted to raise ducks for eggs this year. So off we went to a Saturday open field market. It's not your usual sort of market...everything is sold there: food, seeds, plantlets, bareroot trees, brick n bracks, clothes, most things are not worth buying. There's also piglets, rabbits, chickens, sheep vendor's vans. I find this place very distressing. Most of the chickens looks horrible without feathers, and equally treated roughly by the seller itself. I could go on but I'd rather not.

One of the week old duckling we got a couple of weeks ago

We didn't know where else to go buy ducklings but here, and there was only one duck seller selling very young ducklings. I was about to walkout after I saw the vendor grubbing the poor little ducks by their necks, 4 at a go, only to throw them back into another box , just to prove that they are strong week old ducklings! Either we get our ducks now or don't get it at all. But with the special trip made, we decided to go ahead and rescue 3 of them from this horrid man.

The two 1 week old ducklings are always cuddling around the 1 month old duck as their mother.

I think these ducks are too young. We bought 2 of the week old ducklings, and another month old duck, who serves and acts as the 'little mother'. I didn't know whether I should cry or what.....but at least they are under our care now, and we hope to give our best for them to grow strong and happy in our garden.

This would be my first journal of our first duck raising adventure. Oppps, we actually am not sure whether we got male or female ducks...did I say we wanted some duck eggs later? Oh bother...but I'm not going back there to get egg laying ducks in the near future, let's hope they're not all males.

Wishing you a more positive day than what I'm going through for the moment.



  1. So glad you were able to rescue those animals from that breaks my heart that there are animals treated this way. Best wishes on your beautiful new additions! I look forward to this journey of yours! Nicole xo

  2. Hi Annie.

    You have a gentle heart rescuing the ducklings. They sure look not taken care well by the previous owner. I am sure they will be very happy living with you as a part of the family.

    Ducklings are very easy to take care of compare to chicks.
    I experienced bought some ducklings just hatched not less than a day and they are very robust. Grow so quickly than chick as well.
    We also planned for our own duck eggs this year.

    Good Luck!

  3. It's very nice of you to rescue those ducks, hope you get some eggs, looking forward to salted duck eggs?

  4. You should sic the animal welfare ( if there is such an agency in Bulgaria ) to those horrid man :( Glad that you rescued some of those ducks ! But I can't stop thinking about roasted Peking duck lol

  5. Cute ducklings! My uncle bought chicks at some festival. They are supposed die in a week (the chicks sold at festival are usually very weak due to neglect but people buy them because so cute looking) but they grew quite strong and raid egg for many years.


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