Wednesday 2 September 2015

Don't procrastinate

Dear Family & Friends

It was my intention to prepare soft food on weekly basis for Diado Petko (Grandfather Peter) who lives all by himself with a scruffy dog and 4 chickens for company. This frail and sincere looking grandfather is our neighbour who lives next to us on the south side of our vegetable garden. He doesn't seem to have much family around. From our garden wall, we can only see his house chimney. This summer we noticed smoke from his chimney and thought he must be feeling cold? or is feeling unwell...but comforting to know that he is still in the house.

food to share

It's hard to think what food to offer him as he complains he doesn't have the means to chew things up. Soft food! I made soft pancake with courgette, eggs and yogurt, we took it over to his house. He is not himself anymore...the first question he asked was: 'How much shall I pay you for this?' Of course it cost nothing...and I've resolved to make some food for him once a week or every other week. Sadly, I was side tracked the week after, and the following week Mr. R, Miss J and Miss L went for a trip...time moved on...

a lesson to be locked in my heart

Last night, my big girl announced to me that Diado Petko have passed away...I was devastated to hear that! I wasn't given the chance to cook another meal for him...I procrastinated! Not that any of my food would help him before that...

A sad note to end my journal today...there's no condemnation... but I've some regrets and lesson learned: To take in the preciousness of each individual with love...and without delay.


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  1. Hi, I'm back from my trip two weeks ago and I'm really having hard time going back to my routine. A bit depressed about the trip is over and I don't see the little boy until...when...who knows.
    My friend also past away recently...that was very shocking. I hope I had more time with her. Thanks for the message. Very touching post!


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