Sunday 27 September 2015

The beehive got taller

Dear Family & Friends

Some months ago, our beehive got taller. We had this beehive since last year...but as we wanted to enjoy some honey for ourselves, then we had to add another layer for the bees to produce extra for us.

An added storey to the beehive

As you can see, the hive on the right is now taller than the other one. We also want to build another family of bees for the other empty hive, but we don't know how to do that just yet. It would be nice to learn how to, because if we were to buy another 'family of bees', it is a bit expensive.

only one hive is occupied

We learn as we go and we will see how we get on. I might be able to update you with more bee keeping story progress if we can get our acts together stay tune for that.

We are staying positive...hope you are too:)



  1. My brother-in-law and my friends have beehives. It taste really strong and rich. We feel a little guilty that we didn't contribute any efforts for the process yet generously shared with us. We're very grateful!

  2. I'm new to bees, I like your beehives, a bit different to ones I have, I looks forward to seeing more of your bees! I'm learning so much from other bloggers with bees :)

    1. Nice of you to leave an encouraging you, we're also new to beekeeping...but it is the best and easiest adventure to go for. They're amazing creatures and doesn't require much attention from us. I love going to your blog too...I always have something to learn from you:)


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