Thursday 24 December 2015

Gardening in other forms

Dear Family & Friends

I don't go out much in the garden these days as it is cold but I terribly want and miss gardening. I've brought some of my vulnerable plants in pot indoor for protection..and didn't resist sowing more seeds in pots indoor. perhaps it's too early for that! More on that next time.

gardening in pots

Gardening can be done in so many forms and ways. We have a good size garden at home and I enjoy growing our own food every year...but if you are limited with space...I've seen people growing lots of beautiful things in pots too! That's just as good.

A hanging garden

There's the idea of hanging up plant pots to get different dimension or even gain extra space.

planters on window ledges

All of these photos here were taken during our visit to the old town in the city centre. In fact, they are shops and public buildings. Now, take a look at the succulent plants they planted on the edge of the roof tiles. Isn't that clever?

some plants can grow on very little soil in between roof tiles!

Some plants can tolerate the cold winter while others can't. By growing them in pots, you can protect  and bring them indoor during the winter. Once the weather warms up again, they can go out and join the rest in the so called garden.

For this winter season, I'm taking the opportunity to get inspiration, and am doing lots of planning for my next year's gardening work. There's also lots of other handiworks of interest to get into.

Hope you are finding some good inspirational things to do - to cheer your day too. Wishing you a lovely day.



  1. I love to see all those plants doing so well in pots and even on roof tiles. I too grow my plants in pots due to lack of space. Merry Christmas and happy weekend!

  2. I admire your dedication to growing plants in pots because they need more attention in terms of watering. I only maintain a few (like pelargonium) as they need to be protected indoors during winter.
    Hope you are having a lovely holiday break. Best wishes for the new year too:)

  3. It's hard to think about gardening here in Colorado with all the snow on the ground! We have a beautiful white Christmas here. I hope the garlic I planted in the fall will poke up in spring!

    1. Lucky you got a proper white Christmas!! I think ours will come around March - at the rate it's going....we have nothing but sun sun sunny days...not complaining;P We thought of going to the ski resort area today for a day trip, but would probably not be profitable!?!
      I think your garlic will be larger with the snow melt it's going to have:)

  4. We have got sun over here the whole year round . I like gardening too. It's calming. The battle with the bad insects are endless over here (LOL) but the satisfaction from growing the garden it something else. :)

    Have a great new year, Annie

    1. It's strange how sun makes people happy over here...specially me on cold days. (The winter sun is much lower than it is in summer...God made it that way to stop me having long complains!!) Small Kucing, count your blessings:) ...and your plants can enjoy outdoor all year long too! you can grow many exotic plants!! As for the pest, just encourage predator insects, nature balances everything out somehow. May new year 2016 bring abundant blessings to you and your family!

  5. Annie , just passing by to say , Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones !!!!


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