Wednesday 17 February 2016

Getting Ready For This Year's Gardening

Dear Family & Friends

The first month of the year is a good time to start planning for the year's gardening activities. I got out some of the seeds I have...some of which I bought last autumn on big 10 stotinski (less than 5 pence) a packet. I love makes me happy:)

seed packets brings a lot of joy and hope:)

Now is the time to check my schedule which seeds can be sown as early as February...indoors. Spring onions and leeks are some of those, as well as salad green leaves like lettuces and spinach.

spring onion seeds sprouting indoors - ready for spring planting outdoor

Sometimes I wish I have a green house...but I've learned to make do without. Life doesn't need all sorts of gadgets. If you don't have them, then it's time to be more creative. We got plenty of old windows and I've used them to make some sort of temporary cold frame which can house some seedlings for the few weeks before they could properly be planted in the ground.

My temporary make shift greenhouse out of old windows.

Not every plants needs to be babied...These onion sets can even be directly sown in the garden once the soil is defrosted.

50 pence worth of onion sets - best way to get lots of big onions by end of summer

I have also buried in the ground my Jerusalem Artichoke tubers by now. Last year I only grew a couple of them as I wasn't sure about this plant after reading some negative comments from other people. I've tried it and found that it's a beautiful plant. It has tiny sunflower-like bloom a few weeks before harvest time, then we get crunchy tubers by autumn for food which we cooked immediately..just as you would a potato..and it taste good. 

Jerusalem Artichoke tubers which can be planted outside by this time

Other plants that I have been growing indoors while waiting for the warmer weather are some herbs that we use a lot in our meal. I've propagated and rooted rosemary, lavender, thyme and scented geraniums in the kitchen window ledges. A recycled soda bottles acts like a greenhouse to aid these babies.

Propagating rosemary plant inside a soda bottle during the winter season 

As you can see, even when you've got no greenhouse or heated propagators....if there's a will, there's always a way. Some of my seeds are sown in recycled pots and I place them inside a clear plastic bag to germinate... they work just as well like that. 

my mini green house...seeds sown in cups, all snug and warm inside a plastic bag!

The important thing is to start and give it a go...don't let anything hinder or discourage can be made simple. Gardening is something everyone can do and it's very therapeutic too...good for the soul:)

Wishing you a good weekend:)



  1. Your greenhouse of old windows looks familliar to me, we did it a long time in that way. Then we got a greenhouse which made it all easier to sow and grow seeds. But....we still have the greenhouse but don´t heat it anymore, too expensive. So I have enough space to grow my seedlings but it has the same effect as your window-greenhouse. We call this under flat glass.

    1. I like how you call the make shift 'green house' as flat glass. That's what I'll call it from now on. My husband is not joyful when I announce that it's time to put up the flat glass he stores those window panes up in the barn's ceiling, but I'm petite, so I have the excuse;P

  2. Thank you, Annie for sharing all these great ideas. Looking at all the seeds packages, makes me want to start sowing too!

    1. Glad you find it inspiring, Nancy:) Sowing seeds is a fascinating never cease to amaze me when I see seeds sprouting. I see it as miracle and always spend minutes staring at them:)

  3. I have seen those types of onions before. Over here it cost a lot for that basket of onions.

    Am planting spring onions now. No need much care

    1. There's nothing better than going to the garden to harvest or cut some spring onion tops to sprinkle on top of a meal:) BTW Kathy, you can sow about 10 seeds of spring onion per pot in one hole and they will grow as a bunch - same as you would see them sold in supermarket:) Happy gardening!

  4. hello annie,
    oh what a lovely greenhouse you have. i must look after old windows....thanks for this wonderful idea.many seeds......spring onions from seed is new for me.i have never luck with rosemary.
    have a nice evening,


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