Monday 29 February 2016

The garden is a big canvas inspiration

Dear Family & Friends

I've been out in the herb garden searching for the wild garlic that was planted next to Thyme...I'm so impatient, perhaps it's still too early for it.

wild garlic (ramp) is edible and beautiful

Wild garlic is a beautiful plant. I didn't know much about it when I planted it, but as I've gathered more information, I realized that this year I want to make more use of it in our, propagate and spread it around as it's one of those perennial plants that requires no work.

A beautiful plant to paint onto canvas

It's growing time is short before they disappear, but before they go to sleep, they put out beautiful white flowers. I think it is nice to paint this plant onto a canvas.

The artist's gadgets

One thing good about living in the country is that there's all sorts of painting inspirations we can get just within our garden environment.

a section of our walled garden

This is a water colour painting impression of our garden done by my big girl.

Our free roaming hen checking on us

We used to have a free roaming hen in our garden. She likes to be near sometimes she goes to the outside window ledge of our lounge to see us from the window.

colourful house hen

Here's my big girl's impression of this hen. She was a lost hen and we adapted her as our first chicken in our Bulgarian home. She lived with us for five years or so, till she was too old. 

Rabbit in the garden

In our home garden, we used to have pet rabbits. They too got their water colour painting made by the girls.

Another pet rabbit portrait

At some point of our life, my little girl got so attached to the rabbit's cuteness that when it was time for it to go, it gave us so much grief.  So, we decided not to have pets anymore...except for the one tortoise that is still with us. No regrets, we still treasure the good memories and have kept their portraits.

The girls' painting sessions are becoming less as they develop other interest like languages and more into IT. Perhaps, one day we will all restart our painting session once again.

Hope you are keeping inspired with your interest in life. Have a successful week!



  1. Amazing! You're so talented. No wonder your daughters are so artistic too.

    Sorry, I haven't visited you lately. I'm busy organizing whole house...mostly purging my old stuff right now.

    1. You're so organized...spring cleaning already?! Wishing you happy and wonderful spring days:)

  2. I love the garlic plant. It's so beautiful!


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