Thursday 4 February 2016

This Is The Season

Dear Family & Friends

I got this nasty habit of complaining that it's very cold in the winter, and that it's very hot in the summer...once or twice, a local grandfather caught me whining and he simply brushed me off saying: 'but this is the season!!' Honestly, I must not complain at all because we truly have a well balanced season in this country. Three months each of: proper Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn! No more, No less!

looking up to the trelises in our grapevine area
 Today, I'm sharing with you the height of our winter season which is in January. The first lot of snow for this year fell right bang on new year's day. It stayed for two weeks before it was all melted by rain and sun shiny days. Not long ago, another big lot fell and it's slowly melting away too.

My Kitchen Garden area is planted with leafy greens all covered by snow
I don't always know what is best in the garden as I'm still learning. I have planted some leafy greens in my kitchen garden and didn't put any cover protection over it. Perhaps it will survive, perhaps it won' sometimes depends on how strong they rooted themselves by that time, and or how cold it would be this year. If they won't make it, I will just re-sow some more again later.

This Quince tree got all prettied up by the snow...they don't mind at all to be pretty:)
 Many plants and trees in our garden needs the cold snap to bear fruit properly. They know how to shut down their mechanism to go and take a short nap. Some plants simply couldn't take the cold but can reseed themselves back to new plant when warm season arrives. Good and bad insects take shelter but some gets eliminated in the process too.

Somehow, the snow acts as a coverage for the plants from any cold wind

Tin Tin, our free roaming pet Tortoise is also somewhere around the garden area.. but I can't tell you exactly where. He buries himself under the ground to go hibernation... since last October??...oh it will be a good six months before he wakes up, to roam around the garden again.

It's all nice and warm inside the house
 But it's all nice and warm inside the's not so much of the snow that makes it fact, once the snow starts falling...temperature feels a lot more comfortable.

soft and clean :)

God is so creative...this, so called snow, has it's beauty that always captivates people (including those who don't like the cold weather much) falls very very quietly, then, it covers up everything giving an instant change of scenery...everything gets an all clean look, and yes, we need our pair of sunglasses as everything turns so bright!

Cold? yes it is...Complains? no, I'll try not to. Let's see the beauty around us more and learn to appreciate's good for the mind and heart. Wishing you a good day.



  1. I wish our seasons were more predictable like yours. I've been working in a t shirt all week.

    1. Kev, if it's predictable...the Brits would not be talking much about the weather. Talking about weather is always a good way to start conversation;P Enjoy the t-shirt days while it's there:)

  2. Beautiful snowy photos. Over here, we have only sunny or rainy days. Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year 2016!

  3. Beautiful snowy photos. Over here, we have only sunny or rainy days. Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year 2016!


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