Sunday 30 October 2016

Restoring furniture project

Dear Family & Friends

We're trying our hands on new interest of restoring furniture.. Modern day new furniture sold are just not appealing...prices are high and we mainly see a lot of MDF furniture that's not durable. 

We found a shop that sells old real wood furniture...some of which they have already restored. We bought an unrestored's ugly for the moment but we can see the beautiful potential of the unit.

this ugly looking armchair got lots of potential to be a well loved, comfy chair

This armchair is just the right size for our need and it's very comfortable...for just 15 pounds we took it home for our new project. My big girl is enjoying this project in between all other things she does.

sanding wood furniture using sandpaper and hand power!

We sanded it down and will soon repaint it and reupholster it. I hope this will get us going to many more beautiful furniture projects and be successful with it.

a bed side table on the list of 'work-in-progress'.

We also got a pair of bedside tables...this too will be restored. I will show you the outcome of these projects later on. For the moment we have a lot of work on we work to make some beautiful pieces of furniture to use in our new apartment.

pan fried dumplings with chives and egg fillings, we call this 'he-zi' in Chinese

Work makes us hungry...thus, we're craving for lots of food calories. So this week, we had pan fried dumplings with egg and chives fillings. They're so good...I must make some more soon:)

unleaven crispy flat bread made of flour, a bit of salt mix with hot water, then, sprinkled with chives

My little girl is engrossed with making very crispy fried chives flat bread. She rolls the dough so thinly that it is better than any packet of crisp. I'm just as happy as she is whenever she ask me if she can make some more of this...a few times a week!!

Eating and working...or is it working and eating? Ah, life couldn't be better than this:) Hope you are also enjoying each day where you are!



  1. I love to restore old second-hand furniture. It is much more satisfying than buying everything new.

  2. I love the ball handle on the arm of the chair. We have some solid pine furniture that I will be painting white to be used in our bedroom. We have had it 18 years. Time to tart it up and give it a new lease of life.

    We have dumplings with potato and onion filling. Varenyky they are called. you serve it with a herb sauce, like maybe dill. or if winter dried sage.


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