Thursday 20 October 2016

The doorbell

Dear Family & Friends

Our door doesn't have you can't really blame me if you knock and I never come to answer...specially if I'm so engrossed gardening!! Ah... but it is very frustrating for the one who knocks!! So we must put a the old ears can hear better.

Where's the doorbell?

An electric doorbell for a village house doesn't seem appealing to me...I wanted one of those manual pull the string bells... DING DONG, DING DONG!!

this door needs a bell along with a happy homemade heart made of lavender stems

I specially like the sound of those ringing bells that they hanging on sheep and cows in the pasture...I thought I could make use of those as we can easily get them here from a weekend outdoor market.

A close up photo of this cute little bell

So, this week we found and bought one - a metal bell for a doorbell!! We have yet to hang it properly with a pulley string...but I will leave that to the man of the house to sort out how he's going to work it out...For the moment, I know that we would soon have a doorbell:) This one would say...Klink Klank instead of Ding Dong...but its just as good!

Ring the bell of joy! From our house to yours, I'm sending you lots of joy:)



  1. I love your bell !
    We don't have one either, but we do have dogs... ;)

  2. I just adore the heart bell holder! What a great idea.
    We don't have a bell and I don't think hubby is keen on getting one. Men!

  3. Hi Annie, the manual doorbell look unique. The heart holder look so cute, you are very creative.

    Have a great week ahead,regards.

  4. That's a great idea to get a manual bell. We had one tiny bell at the gate and it is just loud enough for us to hear from inside the house.

  5. As long as we can hear the bell it's good enough.

    LOL...while waiting for the bell to be hang on the door, you'll are so lucky to hear it clanging when the wind blows :)


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