Friday 2 December 2016

Buying fruit trees from lady joy

Dear Family & Friends,

Last week, I wrote about planting our fruit trees...but there was a 'before' story to that.

The last time we were at this garden shop, they didn't have any fruit trees available as it was a bit too early to be planting them. so, I promised the lady that I will be coming back later in the season. Thus, when she saw us again...she was so happy and she said in a surprising voice: ' came back just as you said you would!' just have to love her:)

As I choose fruit trees for our mini orchard, my ever so faithful man was pushing me to hurry up as he needs to be back home at a certain time! ...I am aware of that, but this sales lady was trying her best to instruct me on to how best plant the trees and offered to trim it as I said we would plant it on the same day! She was ever so helpful...but here I am pressured in between a rushing man and a pleasing lady. I had to tell the shop lady to hurry and finish our transaction ASAP.

I quickly returned the pen I borrowed from her to write down the varieties of trees I got. 'Wait' she said, 'you can keep the ballpen' I answered 'oh, no need'...She replied:'please keep it. I have plenty of them.' That conversation took a minute!!

As I picked up and carried the bare root trees to our car, she said I must have a plastic bag to put them in. I once again said 'oh no need' as I'm being pressured with time. She insist that I wait as she searches for one! That took another minute! In the end she found no bag...and gave me a plant tray to place the tree roots on top. Oh whatever...she's just one extra thoughtful lady!

While waiting for her to give me back my money change...she asked if I would like to buy a pot of Chrysanthemum that she was tidying up when we first half price, and she would give me another pot for free - a gift! I said 'no thank you'....because I have around 40 chrysanthemum plants already in our garden! But she took a minute to choose 3 pots of different chrysanthemum colours and insist I have them all as gifts!

It's not the usual thing people do in a developed country...but I find Bulgarian people can be very giving! My little family suspected that she must have short changed me for all the free she didn't!  I suppose she found some joy in our meeting today for some reason. As for the man who's so in a hurry....he did had ample time, more than enough to even have a cup of tea before hand. As for me, I survived another pressure crossfire.

What a good day! I'm just taking my day at a time..and always try to stay as cool as a cucumber. Wish you do the same and always remember to chill out and have a good day! Hope you have a good one too!



  1. I love your writing.. it's a very trivial matter, just another mundane of life, but you wrote it in such a fashion, it made me read until the end.. Love to read this..

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Krishna. Wishing you a lovely weekend to enjoy with your family:)

  3. I've often noticed that it's when I'm in a hurry that things take the longest. Glad you had a nice experience with the lady. Good luck with the trees.

    1. I've noticed that too Sue:) It's probably to make our lives more interesting and worth remembering? Wishing you a very good week ahead of you:)

  4. I have found myself in such situation many times. If only you have time to spare, she sounds like a very nice, generous lady.


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