Tuesday 13 December 2016

Never hungry in the kitchen

Dear Family & Friends

A few weeks back, our neighbor was still pouring in more sweet pepper...I can't freeze them as our chest freezer is full to the brim by now. So, we had a lot of sweet pepper meals throughout the week and the next! Oh...no one minds...in fact, we all just love stuffed sweet pepper!

stuffed sweet pepper

I simply stuff it with cooked risotto style rice. Mix some minced meat, onion, garlic and lots of herbs. Then, stuff the cleaned and hollowed out sweet pepper. Basically, you can fill it with anything you like...I just use my imagination! Smaller sweet pepper can be filled with with scrambled egg and cheese fillings - it's YUMMY too!

Stuffed sweet pepper that is slightly pan fried and steamed, but you can just bake it in the oven too

After stuffing the sweet pepper, I put it in a frying pan to pan fry it a bit to get some burned marks , then, add a little water to further steam cook it. Or you can just bake it in the oven till the sweet pepper is cooked.

one big delicious omelet from our hens

The week was busy. So we also had a few quick meals like egg omelet which can be filled with various chopped up veggies and herbs. It's best on a hectic day.

Kohlrabi from our neighbor's garden

Our neighbor also introduced us to a root vegetable that we never had before, the kohlrabi. It taste a bit like daikon radish. You can eat it fresh as salad after peeling off the tough outer skin, but I prefer to grate it and cook it like the Jewish Latke. Use kohlrabi instead of grated potatoes, mix a bit of flour, egg, salt and pepper. Then, pan fry it like little pancakes. It is delicious.

more cabbages from the neighbor's garden - my first homemade sauerkraut
Yes, we are bombarded with so many good veggies from the next door garden!! When Boris (our neighbor) ask our girls if they like the fruits and veggies he have been passing on to us, the girls always says: 'Thank you Uncle Boris...we like them all very much'. He gets so happy and you know what will happen next...more and more fruits and veggies drops in.

Having received a lot of cabbages, I decided to try making sauerkraut. A blogger has been so gracious to post on how to make sauerkraut. You can check it out here. https://lachattegitane.blogspot.bg/2016/11/making-sauerkraut.html. I followed her guide and this year we had our own home made, healthy sauerkraut:) Yummy...they're so good and easy to make:)

Counting our many many blessings each week and we give thanks. Hope you stay blessed too:)



  1. Nothing beats good fresh food---and great neighbors. You are very lucky to have "Uncle Boris". Enjoy!

    Also had to add that my hubby eats Kohlrabi (lightly peeled )just like apples. I prefer mine cooked and topped with butter , salt, and pepper. It's a pretty versatile vegetable, but not very well known.

    1. I'm ended up grating kohlrabi and cooking them as veggie fritters...next year if we get some more of those, perhaps I can venture in a new and more exiting recipe...or try it fresh. Thank you for sharing us how to use them, Sue:) Hope you're keeping warm and comfy this winter!

  2. The stuffed sweet peppers look very nice. We stuffed them with fish, prawns or meat paste. Omelette is an all time favourite. Kohlrabi is new to me. What a blessing to have good neighbours like Uncle Boris, blessing you with fresh home grown veggies and fruits. Sauerkraut is also new to me. I wonder how it tastes like.

    1. Nancy, sauerkraut taste delicious - a bit sour and salty..similar version to the Asian 'suan cai'.
      I think sweet pepper stuffed with prawn paste sounds delicious...but it's not a common ingredient here:( I will probably learn and try it with meat paste instead.
      Wishing you a wonderful day today:)

  3. So interesting you made your own sauerkraut, I love sauerkraut. We also never have eaten kohlrabi, it's a vegetable from the past, nice to try I think. You are really lucky with that neighbour, so many healthy vegetables. Your recipes for sweet peppers are very recognizable, our back neighbour grows them in huge glasshouses mainly for export, so we also get often paprikas which I stuff and cook the same way you do.

    1. Janneka, I tried sauerkraut before but only store bought ones...homemade ones - we love even more. They say fermented food is very beneficial to our bodies.
      Sending you some bright winter sunshine to cheer up a cold day:)

  4. We tried our Sauerkraut last week but it wasn't ready yet, by a long shot. Waiting, waiting in anticipation. :)
    It looks like the kohlrabi has grown too woody ? I grew up on them, but they were always harvested very young. No need to peel them then.
    Must say your sweet peppers look so appetizing I can almost taste them. xxx...x

    1. oh la la.... the sauerkraut I made and learned from you is almost gone by now! I only came up with three 750 ml bottles...and no delicious thing last long in our kitchen;P
      Yes, I think our Kohlrabi has thick woody skin...I had to peel them off but inside it was crunchy and nice:) I might try to get some seeds to grow in the garden for next year - so we can try a young version of it.
      Patricia...hope you're enjoying your winter season so far...keep warm and always have a good day:)

  5. we eat a lot of sauerkraut. its very good for you. Hope you are well.


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