Wednesday 28 December 2016

The making of fresh veggie wraps

Dear Family & Friends

Our family is not really keen meat eaters, although we are not vegetarians yet we eat very little meat and would prefer more vegetables. Fresh Spring rolls is one of those dish I do that is packed with veggies. I find this very time consuming to make so I don't do them as much as we want. 

Veggie rolls brings joy for my family...their eyes literally sparkles as they eat this!!

Spring roll is also known as popiah or lumpia. It can be eaten fresh or deep fried. The fillings can vary with either minced meat, seafood prawns etc... but we really prefer it with veggies. Any mixture of stir fried finely shredded vegetable leaves or grated roots or seed sprouts of your choice will do. 

assortment of stir fried veggies precooked for spring roll filler

Today I cooked a big pot of shredded cabbages,sweet pepper and other root veggies on hand. Set this aside to cool down a bit before using it with the wrapper.

Home- made spring roll wrapper is 100% better than those store bought ones

Normally, you could find this wrapper sold in Asian stores...but as we don't have any in this country, I have to make my own. It's basically made of flour, cornstarch, salt and water. Mixed to a very watery consistency. Then, pan fry on non-stick pan to form a very thin crepe - one at a time till you have enough. Yes, it's time consuming to make, but it taste so much better than the store bought  ones. Nothing beats it's freshness.

When wrappers and veggie fillers are cooked, it's time to wrap and roll them one by one.

Fill the crepe and fold it from the top, and both sides to keep the fillings in.

It would be better if every one rolls their own...but normally I would roll them all so it will be ready to eat. Yes, I spoil the opportunity of giving others the skills of wrapping up their own food.

It took me hours, to do all these....but we ate it all in just a couple of minutes!

my imperfectly wrapped veggie roll ... 

If I find more time on hand...I will do this again for the love of my family...but for the moment, we will be happy to patiently look forward to the next spring roll meal - whenever it will be next!!

Having meal time with your family is always a good thing...simple or extravagant meal is not important as long as you enjoy them together: Wishing you and your family happy meal times and with all best wishes for a successful and healthy new year 2017!



  1. They look great! I bet my girls would love them!

  2. looks so yummy!!! can you please give the recipe of those wraps..

  3. Now that's a meal I would enjoy! I'd do it with the veggies for sure!
    And yes-please share the recipe for the wraps!!

  4. To Krishna & Sue:

    I made the wrap recipe from this site. It worked well for me.

  5. Most important is enjoying the company when eating together. I love spring rolls or popiah. I love them both fresh and deep fried. Happy New Year to you and family!


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